CathayTherm™ is our range of high-quality, heat-resistant pigments that are ideally suited for a wide range of high-temperature applications

When you need a pigment that…

CathayTherm™ offers increased heat stability in a range of colors including yellows, reds and blacks.

These pigments are ideally suited for a wide range of high temperature applications, including plastics, powder coatings, high-bake temperature industrial coatings, coil coatings, specialty coatings and military coatings, where high heat-fastness is required.

The CathayTherm line features excellent dispersion characteristic. As with all inorganic pigments, non-migration makes them suitable for plastics and rubbers.

The pigments are also produced with strict tolerances and offer outstanding opacity, acid and alkali resistance, along with excellent exterior durability and compability.

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CathayTherm Zinc-Ferrite ZF range

CathayTherm™ ZF15 Zinc Ferrite is a high quality tan pigment, produced from high temperature calcination. This pigment is suited for use in applications with temperature changes, and has excellent weather durability, UV and chemical resistance, being considered a permanent pigment.

ZF15 Zinc Ferrite is compatible with most polymer systems, finding a wide range of use in plastics. This pigment can be dispersed to a 5 Hegman on high speed equipment. In addition to plastics, it can also be used for paints, inks, adhesives, roofing granules, and rubber products.

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CathayTherm Black F9900M

Typical black iron oxide has limited heat-stability, less than 150°C. To expand the use of Black Iron-Oxide, we post-process the black iron oxide to form a black manganese ferrite. In doing so the heat-stability is increased for applications that reach less than 650°C; this enables this pigment to maintain its colour in most plastics, coil and powder coatings. CathayTherm F9900M Black Manganese Ferrite is one of the highest quality pigments of its type on the market today. Utilizing premium raw materials processed to exacting specifications, this pigment exhibits easy-dispersing properties and high colour strength. Like black iron oxides, F9900M has excellent lightfastness and chemical resistance. In normal applications it is considered a permanent pigment. While weaker than typical Carbon Black pigments, black manganese ferrites are more compatible with water base systems.

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