When you need a pigment that…

The Exacol colours are water soluble powder dyes for use in varied food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. To assist in their application, Exacol dyes are available in two forms: plating grade (Exacol PG) and spray dried grade (Exacol SD).

Exacol PG is suitable for direct application in many products, particularly powdered ones where uniform distribution is required, while Exacol SD is a finer, more free-flowing powder, easily dispensed and dissolved.

Both Exacol SD and Exacol PG powder blends are customised to achieve the specific shade requirements of our customers’ products, to assist in application and to reduce the potential for error associated with adding individual dyes in required ratios.

Exacol powders are also available as blends and liquids. All powder forms retain the name Exacol, while all liquid blends of this product adopt the name ExaSperse.

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