When you need a pigment that…

ExaNat is Cathay’s range of natural colours, high purity iron oxides and extracts, designed to meet the ever-developing need for natural ingredients and colour systems within the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

ExaNat can meet consumer demands for a ‘cleaner’ product without compromising their visual expectations for it. Development of the ExaNat range is a continuous process, and we’re always looking at new ways of broadening its capabilities with new natural colours and extracts.

Natural colours have a reputation for being expensive and difficult to use, primarily due to their relative lack of strength, stability and solubility. Through specific processing, however, they can largely overcome most of these obstacles. Significant improvements in concentration, diversification of solubility and protection against common degradation parameters can be achieved, making natural colours and extracts a much more attractive option. In addition to this, greater public interest has led to improved agricultural and harvesting practices, bringing ongoing improvements to product consistency and cost-effectiveness.

The ExaNat range includes blends, solutions, dispersions and emulsions, making it relatively easy to incorporate natural colours into existing processes. This also lets us meet the specific requirements of all our customers and accommodate seasonal variations that are associated with natural extracts.

Many countries have a list of approved natural colours for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications, most often supported by purity specifications. At Cathay Industries we work closely with our customers to ensure that ExaNat products conform to the standards required by their markets.

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